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【4KSW41-KVM】4x1 HDMI2.0 KVM Switch

4x1 HDMI2.0 4K&1080P KVM Switch HDCP2.2, 4-Port KVM switch, allows the user controls 4 source devices/computers with only one set of USB devices (e.g. USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB flash and other USB2.0 compliant devices)

More details, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEHgfV3vsuY

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This product provides a cost-effective way to share one USB keyboard, one USB mouse, one USB2.0 device and one HDMI monitor to control four computers.

For video, the 4KSW41-KVM supports HDMI2.0 specification features including data rates up to 18Gbps 4Kx2K@60Hz (4:4:4) video, multi-channel audio and automatic HDCP 2.2/1.4 compatibility.

The 4KSW41-KVM provides four USB-B ports to connect upstream USB host devices and three USB-A ports to control. These USB ports are USB2.0 compliant and downward compatible with USB1.1/1.0. The 4KSW41-KVM also provides a unique microphone input and a headphone output interface for computer that doesn’t have audio input/output. 

The 4KSW41-KVM supports direct switching through buttons on the front panel and provides a wide compatibility choice for different operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux, no driver required and simple plug and play.

1. 4x1 HDMI KVM switcher with HDMI2.0 and HDCP2.2 compliant;
2. Full 18G bandwidth, up to 4K/UHD @60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling;
3. Supports three USB-A port for USB keyboard, USB mouse and other USB2.0 devices to control one of the four computers; 
4. Supports switching the KVM input port by push button on the front panel, the HDMI input and USB input are switched simultaneously;
5. Supports one microphone input and one headphone output for audio application;
6. Wide compatibility with Windows 10/8/7 XP, Mac OS and Linux;
7. No driver required and simple plug and play.

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