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【U2EX50】50M USB2.0 Extender

USB Cable Extender over single cable CAT5e / CAT6 / RJ45 Active Repeater with 4 ports USB2.0, 165ft 50m, For Telescope / Microscope / Keyboard / Mouse / Gamepad etc, Two webcams work synchronously, No Time Latency, Plug and Play, Windows / MacOS / Android / Linux

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U2EX50 USB 2.0 extender is a slim transmitter (TX)receiver (RX) pair that can extend a USB signal up to 50m via Cat5e/6 cable. The built-in USB HUB in the RX supports up to 4 USB 2.0 ports. The TX can be powered by the host such as a PC.

  1. Supports high-speed USB 2.0 (Up to 480Mbps) over Cat5e/Cat6 cable up to 50m(165ft).
  2. 4 x USB device connections supported by the Hub.
  3. TX powered by USB port, RX powered by lockable DCsupply with 500mA to each USB device.
  4. True plug-and-play, 100% hardware solution with no driver installation required.
  5. Supports all major operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  6. Compatible with USB 1.1 and USB peripherals.

USB 2.0 Extender (U2EX50) extends high-speed USB devices over a single Cat5e cable, combines a USB extender and a USB hub to allow connecting as many as four USB 2.0 (Up to 480Mbps) devices up to 165feet away from your computer.

The compact USB 2.0 extender install in minutes, simple to set up and requires no additional drivers to install. 
The USB 2.0 extender is considered an active repeater, using a small power supply to amplify the USB signal and preserve the integrity of the data overlong distances. The 12V power adapter helps maintain enough current to power on any connected USB devices such as webcams, hard drives, etc. 

When USB extender be used for surveillance, it supports 2 USB web cameras working synchronous; for more than 2 cameras, it will depend on the performance of the computer.

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