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【HDEX80-KVM】80M 1080P HDMI/KVM Extender
AV Access HDMI USB KVM Extender, 260ft 1080P 60Hz over Cat5e/6, 2 Ports USB2.0,No signal Loss and Latency, With PoE and Auto EQ management.

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The HDEX80-KVM extend full HD HDMI signal up to 80 meters via a single CatX cable, without any video loss and time delay. With USB2.0 pass-through and USB Host connector in transmitter, and USB Device connectors in receiver, it provides remote source PC control with keyboard and mouse, interactive display operation, data transmission and USB streaming over distances up to 80m. It has many professional designs which suitable for various application scenario, especially for engineering project usage. Power over Ethernet (PoE), integrates power into the Cat5e/6 cable, requiring no power supply for either the Transmitter unit or Receiver unit (opposite of unit that is plugged in to power)


Our products can be used in various situations,such as cabling of HDMI A/V project,education,hotel,school and corporate training environments, etc.

√ Extends full HD HDMI signal up to 260ft/80 meters via single CatX cable without signal loss and delay.
√ Extends high speed USB2.0 signal(480Mbps)up to 260ft/80m, provides 2xUSB2.0 ports at display end.
√ supports two-way POE (power over Ethernet), only one power adapter is needed to either transmitter or receiver.
√ Auto EDID management automatically adjusts to overcome compatibility issues.

Trouble shooting

1 Power: Please make sure all devices are powered on. (source,extender, display devices)

2 Indicator: Please make sure LED indicators of transmitter and receiver are normal according to user manual.

3 Devices: Please make sure picture can be shown normally when connecting source to display devices directly.

4 Cable: Plugin and out HDMI/Cat X/USB cable or try another HDMI/Cat X/USB cable.

Cat 5e/6/6a cable is recommended.

Please make sure Cat X cable is less than 260ft/80m.

Please make sure the two connectors of one Cat X cable are same standard (IEEE568B).

5 Compatibility: Please test other source and display devices to determine whether it is a compatibility issue.

How to dealwith cutting off when you connect USBdevice to receiver?

Please make sure your USB device is working normally.

Please insert the power adapter to receiver power port instead of transmitter since the PoE is not able to power on your USB device such as hard disk.


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