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【4KSW21-L】Auto Switch [HDMI+VGA Inputs / 1 HDMI Output]
HDMI+VGA to HDMI Switcher 2x1, 4K 60Hz, VGA/ HDMI Auto Switch, VGA Prior Switching, Dolby/ DTS, CEC Control, for PC DVD PS3 Roku4

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4KSW21-L is a VGA/HDMI Smart Switcher with direct CEC control, offering one HDCP compliant HDMI input, a VGA with analog stereo audio input, and an HDMI output up to 4K@60Hz (Chroma sub-sampling 4:2:0 8-bit only) without scalar.

Its built-in CEC controller allows user to directly switch the power status of CEC-supported display device, such as TV or projector, eliminating the need of IR Remote. Select buttons in the front panel help users to choose input sources, or power on/off display device.
  1. 1 x VGA + 3.5mm stereo audio input, up to 1920x1200@60Hz.
  2. 1 x HDMI input, up to 4k@60Hz (Chroma sub-sampling 4:2:0 8-bit only).
  3. Auto-sense and switching. VGA has higher priority over HDMI if both are connected.
  4. CEC controller built in to power on/standby sink device by auto-detecting the source status.
  5. Switch source devices or power on/ standby of display devices via select buttons.
  6. Adjust the working mode via “Switch” and “CEC” DIP switch.
1. Connect the HDMI input source (such as Blu-Ray, Apple TV etc.) to the HDMI input port using quality HDMI cables.
Note: Do not hot swap plugs – inserting and removing HDMI cables with devices powered can cause electrostatic build-up that can damage circuitry. Power off all equipment when connecting/disconnecting cables.
2. Connect the VGA input source (such as PC, notebook etc.) to the VGA input port using quality VGA cables.
3. Connect the HDMI display device to the HDMI output port.
4. Power on input sources you want to show (Keep any unused
inputs powered off to avoid possible interference with normal
5. Connect the 12VDC power source to 4KSW21-L.
6. Power on the HDMI display device to establish communication between equipment connected to the 4KSW21-L.
Note: Enable the CEC function of the display device so that users can control the display device via CEC.

User Manual_4KSW21-L VGA HDMI Switcher 2x1.pdf

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